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Booking Guidelines For Futsal and Football Pitches at Home United Youth Football Academy (HYFA).

Current Booking
Bookings done on the day of play are considered 'current' bookings. 

Advance Booking
Users are allowed to book sessions up to one month in advance

Grace Period
On the day of play, a grace period of 15 minutes will be given to those who have booked the facilities, after which, slot/booking fees will be forfeited and the facilities re-opened for bookings. 

Users must cancel their booked session/s in the event that they are not available to utilise the facility forty eight (48) hours in advance. All deposits are non-refundable. In the event the customer cancels less that forty eight (48) hours, they can choose to play at a later date and we will honour the deposit made previously.

Bad Weather
In cases of bad weather or bookings cancelled by the Asia Sports Holdings Pte Ltd due to unforeseen circumstances, paid-up bookings will be credited with replacement bookings. However, bookings for replacement must be made within one week.

Asia Sports Holdings Pte Ltd being the operator of the facilities Home United Youth Football Academy have rights to overwrite any bookings at its facilities at anytime for any events with a forty eight (48) hours notice to it users with any deposit to be refunded without any further claims from any users or third parties.

Asia Sports Holdings Pte Ltd or any of it's agents shall hold no responsibilities over any injuries to anyone while in the facilities Home United Youth Football Academy.

Home United Youth Football Academy is equipped with a AED machine and First Aid Box, users who require any assistant are advice to approach any of it staff on duty at the Booking Office or call 9168 4806.

Due to proximity of Home United Youth Football Academy to residential areas, patrons are to refrain from:

i) Excessive shouting especially in early morning or evening hours of the day

ii) Antisocial behaviour such as fighting, shouting of vulgarities, littering and illegal parking 

iii) Use of any amplified device without prior permission from HYFA management

iv) Setting up of any personal tentages 

v) Any other activities found to be a nuisance to surrounding residents.

Home United Youth Football Academy management reserves the final right to impose any other measures on-site if necessary.

Any patrons found flouting any of the above rules may find their activity suspended or cancelled without any refund. 

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